The Chalong Big Buddha is hard to miss. Built on a patch of virgin rain forest on Khao Nakkerd Hill high above Phuket, this gigantic 148-foot (45-meter) statue is one of the island’s most prominent landmarks, easily seen from most places in the south. From the statue’s base, visitors enjoy panoramic views of Chalong Bay and Phuket town.  

The Basics
As one of Phuket’s most recognizable attractions, the Chalong Big Buddha features on most sightseeing tours of the island, along with beaches and other notable religious sites.

Those who enjoy hiking can book a tour that includes a trek through lush jungle before a visit to the Big Buddha, as well as a trip to Wat Chalong, the largest Buddhist temple in Phuket. A small museum at the base of the statue chronicles the history of the project. Private tours often visit this site.

Things to Know Before You Go
The Chalong Big Buddha is a must-see for photographers and first-time visitors. Entry to the Big Buddha is free, but donations are accepted. Make sure your knees and shoulders are covered during your visit; avoid beachwear. Be prepared to remove your shoes before entering the temple at the Big Buddha. There’s a public restroom at the statue about halfway down the stairs.  

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